As Time Stands Still

    As the Clock Winds Down

Nathalie Tutu Dress (The Secret Store)@Collabor88

Girl*33 Hair (Dura)

Morgana Heels (Keem)

Valeria Pose Pack (GlamRus)@Mesh Avenue


One Fine Day

One Fine Day

Tonic Hair (Little Bones)@Uber  Chocobana Pop (Zenith)

La Virgin Choker (Villena)    BTS Crop Top (Emery)@Uber

Euphemia Tied Shirt (Emery)@Collarb88    Fos Digital Camera (Le Primitif)

Maleese Striped Net Bag (Ison)    Ramsay Shorts Smoke (Emery)@Uber

Summer Lovin Flops (Reign)@Epiphany    Rebecca Pose Pack (GlamRus)@FAD


Just In Time

Never Die Alone

On Tyrisha Neox

Akane Hair (Argrace)
Tia Crop Top (Erratic)@Uber
Active Pants (Pixicat)@Uber
Taylers Shoes (ReignxFlite)@Uber
Swept Away Pose (GlamRus)@Mesh Avenue
Lara Mesh Body (Maitreya)
Mesh Hands and Feet (Slink)

On Sucre Breeze

Christian Hair (Quartzo)

Low Crotch Pants (Kenvie)

Men’s 3/4 T-Shirt +Hud (Rerty Urban Store)


Business As Usual

We finally got it together to blog the new structure by Tony currently at The Showroom and the sexy new lingerie from Erratic currently at Collabor88.  We also wanted to feature the motorcycle from sau motos currently at The Mens Department.  I’ve been having a lot of fun riding around starting trouble .  The motorcycle is very easy to maneuver which is important since im not the best second life driver lol and it comes with numerous options. Go grab these items before the new rounds start.

Business As Usual

Check out what Rhian Camilla Blaze is wearing here

Heist Garage Wall (Tony)@The Showroom
Chitu II Lite Motorcycle (Sau)@The Mens Department
Money Suitcase *Rare* (David Heather)
Leather Gloves (Sorgo)
Slient 11.43 *Rare* (Sorgo)

Tyrisha Neox

Gladys Hair (Bold & Beauty)
Diamond Royal Jewerly Set (Urbano)@Men’s Only
Delice Lingerie Suspender + Thong (Erratic)@Collabor88
Delice Lingerie Bra (Erratic)@Collabor88
Zoey Zipped Heels (Co57)
Jizz Pose Pack (Pose Maniacs)
Handy Ca$h (Meldy)


Then There Was Three

Had to do a blog post with these two. They are both equally amazing and have their own unique styles.  I tell my twin he should blog but he’s too lazy.  Don’t tell him I said that :P.  Janessa just started her blog (finally lol :P)  She creates some great outfits and is amazing at decorating.  Check out her new blog @

You Cant Sit With Us

Maddox Banks (Twin)

SMQ Shades (Sorgo)
Flannel Button Down Shirt (Represent)
Waist Shirts Jeans (2Byte)
Rebel Shoes Black (Flite)
Jesus Trillogy Necklace (Benjaminz)

Tyrisha Neox

Ningyo Hair (Taketomi)
Kylie Vintage Bag (Co57)
Cash Cannon (/Pl$h/)
Milk…..sluupzzz (Pose Maniacs)
23 Dress (Overhigh)@Kustom9
Lumberjack Shirt Around the Waist (Emery)
Titans Boots (Benjaminz)
Mabelle Pose Pack (Pose Maniacs)

Janessa Danitz

Crop Top + loose shirt (Amitomo)@Kustom 9
Ava Shorts (Kitja)
Cash Cannon (/Pl$h/)
Black shades (Sorgo)
Vice Hoops (Yummy)
Splitrock Timbs (Nikotin)
Rusted Aero Hair (Little Bones)