Line Me Up

Line Me Up

Wake Up Hair (Lamb)@Arcade Gacha

Baby Base Hair Base (Gaja)@IDK Event

Steking Ears (Mandala)

Sunglasses PU2003 (Glamistry)

Pin Earrings (Luxe)@N21

Lipstick/Lips (The Shops)

Vintage Fringe Bad (Le Primitif)@Kustom 9

Iphone 6-Drake Tear *Rare* (Urbano)

Clutch Eyeliner Pouch (Reign)@Saturday Sale Event

Thelma Wook Cardigan w/Turtleneck (Addams)@Uber

Vanda Pants (Kitja)@Uber

Hollywood Stilettos (Shey)

Rih Pose Pack (Pose Maniacs)


No Fu*ks Given “My Right Hand”


To get Janessa Danitz look check out her amazing blog here.

On Tyrisha Neox

Bewitched Hair (Exile)@Collabor88

Cropped Bomber Jacket (Coco)@Shiny Shabby

Late Morning Shorts (Fishy Strawberry)

Kylie Laced Boots (Reign)@N21

I Love Take Away Soda (Tentacio)@Kustom 9

Cat in a Bag (David Heather)

Thot Pose Pack (Pose Maniacs)


Never Let the Queen Fall

Always Protect Your Queen

Queen Hair (Little Bones)

Bastest Harness (Arms) *Rare* (Pixicat)@Arcade Gacha

Scarlett Harness (Erratic)@Collabor88

Scarlett Lingerie (Pixicat)@Collabor88

Cynara Heels (Glamistry)

Bastest Sphynx Sprawl (Pixicat)@Arcade Gacha

Bastest Chair *Rare* (Pixicat)@Arcade Gacha

Violin & Candle Holder (Tartessos Arts)

G.U.Y.S Pose (GlamRus)@Inspiration Event

Queen Bee


Feelin Myself

Feelin Myself

Hexxed (Little bones)@Collabor88

Gold Septum Nose Ring *Rare* (Yummy)@Arcade Gacha

Yezzy Iphone 6 *Rare* (Urbano)

Simple Pleasure Almond Nails (Gorgeous Dolls)

Take Me There Double Jumpsuit (Project Reject)@Lyfe of Style

Arabella Boots (Candydoll)@Collabor88

Occult Jacket (Ison)@Collabor88

Frang Bag (David Heather)

Wild Pose Pack, Profile Photo Pose Pack and Purse Pose Pack (Glitterati)