Yeah, I said It


MOVE! Animations has released a super sensual, sexy, hip swaying addition to the dance pack Leni Volume 4.  The dance set comes with 15 dances each 300L.  The dances are very realistic. A must have ladies I love this dance pack! The dances would go best with slow grown and sexy tempo songs.  Click on the MOVE! Cologne Animations link to get these dances Now!

Bellflower Heels (Empire)@ The Anybody Event
Bodysuit Lace Dress (Ison)@Uber
Gladys Hair (Bold and Beauty)




Ready or Not


Sirena Hair (Spellbound)
Bad-Kitty Clutch (Real Evil Industries)
Bad-Kitty Cuff (Real Evil Industries)
Bad-Kitty Necklace (Real Evil Industries)
Occult Jacket Sleeves (Ison)
Bra- Black (American Beauty)@Shiny Shabby
Waist Shorts-Black (American Beauty)@Shiny Shabby
Bottlebrush Heels (Empire)@ Chapter 4
Skin Deep Pose Pack (Le Poppycock)


Mr.(s) Dance Hall

Sync'd Motion__Originals - Mr.(s) DanceHall

Sync’d Motion  has released a dance pack called Mr.(s) Dance Hall  at The Men’s Department.  They picked the perfect name for this dance pack. It definitely has a reggaeton/ dance hall feel to the movements.  I love that the dance pack movements come in levels.  Most of the movements are upright but they did throw in one that does some sexy moves on the ground.  Can’t wait to see what dance pack they come out with next! You can purchase the dances now at The Men’s Department.

Below are links to learn more about Sync’d Motion. Check them out.