Chill Day

chill day 3

Natti Hair (Letre)@ Galleria Mall
Peggy Dress (Ison)@Uber
Vixen Heels (Reign)@ Hentai Fair
Sweet Thing Bag *Gacha* (Amitomo)
I love take away Soup box *Gacha* (Tentacio)
Scorpion Ring (Astralia)@N21 



Double Trouble




Me Like yuh Hair (Amitomo) *Rare*
Layered Drop Necklace (Yummy)@N21
Rebel Tank (Emery)@Fameshed
Fur Bolero (Coco)@Fameshed
Laced Up Ripped Shorts (Villena)@Uber
Coreopsis Boots (Empire)
Friends 4 Pose (Focus Poses)

To get Mandi’s look check out her blog Mandi’s Eye Candi!


We Don’t Get Tired


Tyrisha Neox
Taylor Hair (Bold & Beauty)@Epiphany
Monoton Necklace (Minimal)@Season’s Story
Lauren Sweater (Kitja)@Uber
Lauren Skirt (Kitja)@Uber
Molly Bag Letters (Tentacio)@Kustom9
Cleo Boots (N-Core)@Kustom9
Precious Forcella’s Awakening Nails (Gorgeous Dolls)
Lexi Pose Pack (GlamRus)

Maddox Banks
Trucker Cap V.1 (Flite)
Field Jacket Look #4 (Amitomo)
4NG4H Akoo Jeans RP (Realink)

Any Means 2


Then There Was Three

Had to do a blog post with these two. They are both equally amazing and have their own unique styles.  I tell my twin he should blog but he’s too lazy.  Don’t tell him I said that :P.  Janessa just started her blog (finally lol :P)  She creates some great outfits and is amazing at decorating.  Check out her new blog @

You Cant Sit With Us

Maddox Banks (Twin)

SMQ Shades (Sorgo)
Flannel Button Down Shirt (Represent)
Waist Shirts Jeans (2Byte)
Rebel Shoes Black (Flite)
Jesus Trillogy Necklace (Benjaminz)

Tyrisha Neox

Ningyo Hair (Taketomi)
Kylie Vintage Bag (Co57)
Cash Cannon (/Pl$h/)
Milk…..sluupzzz (Pose Maniacs)
23 Dress (Overhigh)@Kustom9
Lumberjack Shirt Around the Waist (Emery)
Titans Boots (Benjaminz)
Mabelle Pose Pack (Pose Maniacs)

Janessa Danitz

Crop Top + loose shirt (Amitomo)@Kustom 9
Ava Shorts (Kitja)
Cash Cannon (/Pl$h/)
Black shades (Sorgo)
Vice Hoops (Yummy)
Splitrock Timbs (Nikotin)
Rusted Aero Hair (Little Bones)