Collabor88 blogger search 2016

Melissa Fishnet Headpiece (LaGyo)@Collabor88
Stealth Shades (Yummy)@Collabor88
Martini Hair (Mithral)@Collabor88
What a Girl Wants Nails-Slink(Gorgeous Dolls)
Femme Fatale Dress(Pixicat)@Collabor88
Stuttgart Heels (Essenz)@Flower Power Event
Provocatrice A Pose Pack (Le Poppycock)@Collabor88
Gun Target Dummy Set (Soy.)@Collabor88
Poket Gun and Prop Set (Soy.)@Collabor88
Money Suitcase *Rare* (David Heather)
Gloves and Passports (Sorgo)

Birthday Treat

Birthday Treat

Tyrisha Neox

Velvet Hair (Little Bones)@N21
Pearl-Rain-Season3 Choker Set (Mandala)
Wrap Cape +Knit Dress (Coco)@Shiny Shabby
Doutzen Boots (..::ILLI::..)@Mesh Body Addicts
Poupee Pose Pack (Le Poppycock)@Chapter Four

Sucre Breeze

ReVoX Sinful Necklace (RealEvil Industries)
Cardigan Sweater (Gabriel)
Ashton Suit Pants (Bond7)
The Formal Eccentric Boots (Vale Koer)@TMD
Cameo Bag (David Heather)
Amphis Watch (Benjaminz)
Bose Pose Pack (Pose Maniacs)


Burn! Baby Burn!


To get Rhian Valentino look check out her blog The Vault.

Ryleigh Hair (Truth)

Tyrisha Neox

Vapor Hair (Little Bones)

Melissa Skin (L’Etre)

Turquoise Lashes (L’Etre)

Harlow Chain (Luxe)    Harlow Collar (Luxe)

Sweatshirt Gift (Kitja)@Kustom9

Pia Shorts (Kitja)@Kustom9

Bunny Backpack *Rare* (David Heather)@Kustom9

Gemma Booties (Reign)

Lineup Pose (!Bang)@ Season’s Story



Family First


Tyrisha Neox

Mermaid Hotel Hair (Little Bones)

Lips/Lipstick (The Shops)

Lily Pad Necklace Set (Yummy)@N21

Aumtum Leather Bag (Zenith)@Kustom 9

Vionnet Dress (David Heather)

Thick Pose Pack (Murisy)

Kitt Deluxe

Cardigan & Dress (Blueberry)

Mia Jeans (Blueberry )

To get the rest of Kitt’s look click here to view her blog (Koquettish)


No Fu*ks Given “My Right Hand”


To get Janessa Danitz look check out her amazing blog here.

On Tyrisha Neox

Bewitched Hair (Exile)@Collabor88

Cropped Bomber Jacket (Coco)@Shiny Shabby

Late Morning Shorts (Fishy Strawberry)

Kylie Laced Boots (Reign)@N21

I Love Take Away Soda (Tentacio)@Kustom 9

Cat in a Bag (David Heather)

Thot Pose Pack (Pose Maniacs)


Feelin Myself

Feelin Myself

Hexxed (Little bones)@Collabor88

Gold Septum Nose Ring *Rare* (Yummy)@Arcade Gacha

Yezzy Iphone 6 *Rare* (Urbano)

Simple Pleasure Almond Nails (Gorgeous Dolls)

Take Me There Double Jumpsuit (Project Reject)@Lyfe of Style

Arabella Boots (Candydoll)@Collabor88

Occult Jacket (Ison)@Collabor88

Frang Bag (David Heather)

Wild Pose Pack, Profile Photo Pose Pack and Purse Pose Pack (Glitterati)