Good Sunday



Brooke Hair (Taketomi)
Princess Dogtag Choker (Mandala)
Exposed Shirt (Cynful)@ Ultra
Ripped Front Shorts (Villena)@Kustom9
Weigela Heels (Empire)@Kustom 9
Poses (Lepoppycock)




Kendall-Naturals (Taketomi)
Luca Lipstick #6 (Letre)
Criminal Police Handcuffs (Zenith)
S&M Whip (Zenith)
Pet Collar-Fuck (Grixdale) *Exclusive Epiphany item*
Pet Mask-Fox (Grixdale) *Exclusive Epiphany item*
Over Shoulder Blazer-Black (Villena)@ Uber
Love Spell Dress-White (Cynful)@ Salem’s Event
Hocus Platform Heels (Reign)@ Salem’s Event
Cherry Wine Pose Pack (Le Poppycock) @ Chapter Four

resurrection 2




MOVE! Animations has released another great set of sexy hip swaying dance moves called Sonja.  The dance set comes with 15 dances each 300L.  The dances are very realistic and the movements range from slow and sexy to energetic cute hip hop moves. The dances would go best with slow and medium tempo songs.  Click on the MOVE! Cologne Animations link to get these dances now!

On Tyrisha
Pearl Hair (Olive)
Oui Locket Necklace (Paper Arrow Co)
Tatiana Top (Addams)@Collabor88
Dolores Shorts (Addams)@Collabor88
Anemone Heels (Empire)
On Rhian
Nana Hair-Bento (Taketomi)
Tatiana Top (Addams)@Collabor88
Dolores Shorts w/ Belt (Addams)@Collabor88
Cheeky Heel-Flower (Whatever)@The Dressing Room
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Then There Was Three

Had to do a blog post with these two. They are both equally amazing and have their own unique styles.  I tell my twin he should blog but he’s too lazy.  Don’t tell him I said that :P.  Janessa just started her blog (finally lol :P)  She creates some great outfits and is amazing at decorating.  Check out her new blog @

You Cant Sit With Us

Maddox Banks (Twin)

SMQ Shades (Sorgo)
Flannel Button Down Shirt (Represent)
Waist Shirts Jeans (2Byte)
Rebel Shoes Black (Flite)
Jesus Trillogy Necklace (Benjaminz)

Tyrisha Neox

Ningyo Hair (Taketomi)
Kylie Vintage Bag (Co57)
Cash Cannon (/Pl$h/)
Milk…..sluupzzz (Pose Maniacs)
23 Dress (Overhigh)@Kustom9
Lumberjack Shirt Around the Waist (Emery)
Titans Boots (Benjaminz)
Mabelle Pose Pack (Pose Maniacs)

Janessa Danitz

Crop Top + loose shirt (Amitomo)@Kustom 9
Ava Shorts (Kitja)
Cash Cannon (/Pl$h/)
Black shades (Sorgo)
Vice Hoops (Yummy)
Splitrock Timbs (Nikotin)
Rusted Aero Hair (Little Bones)