Baby it’s Cold Outside

Baby it's Cold Outside

Wolf Hair w/Hat (Lamb)@Arcade Gacha Event
Annie Mesh Head (Catwa)
Candy Skin-Catwa Applier(L’Etre)
Laced Moon Boots (Reign)@N21
Hipster Jeans-Raw(Urbano)
Sienna Tote(Urbano)
Kinsley Pose Pack (GlamRus)

Baby it's Cold outside 2




Sujin Hair- Black Brown (Monso)
Yolo Jewelry Set (Mandala)@The Men’s Department
Perry Mesh Jacket-Copper (Shine)@ Winter Trend
Raven Leather Gloves (RealEvil Industries)@Cosmopolitan Events
Biker Jeans-#5 (Maitreya)
Wheat Timbs (Urbano)
Pose Stand 589 (!Bang)@ We <3 RP
Chitu II Lite Motorcycle (SAU)

Burnout 2


If at first you don’t succeed, try again


Pagan//Chapter I: Earth Hair (Spellbound)
Diamond Encrusted Necklace (Urbano)@Heights Plaza
Aries Birthstone Mouth Chain (Page 3)
Front Row Sweater (Urbano)@Heights Plaza
Comfy Skirt Black (Bishes Inc)
Skates & Leg Warmers (Ncore)@Kustom9
My new hobby. Video Camera Blue (Tentacio)@Kustom9
Ice Skating Pose Pack (!Bang)@Shiny Shabby



Fall Is Here


Baby Base Hairbase (Gaja)@Idk Event

Marit Hair (Rowne)

Gold Spetum Nose Ring *Rare* (Yummy)

Bollywood Nose Ring (Mons)

Zircon Lashes (L’Etre)

Eyes (Ikon)

Simple Pleasure Almond Nails (Gorgeous Dolls)

Virgin Mary Necklace (Urbano)@Fashion Fair

Micro Cross Necklace (Urbano)@Fashion Fair

Lips/Lipstick (The Shops)

Precise Brow Powders (Mai Bilavio)

Satin Bomber Jacket (Urbano)@Fashion Fair

When I Wanna Be Top (Project Reject)

City Jeans (Urbano)@Fashion Fair

High Cardinal Turbo Shoes (Vale Koer)@Kustom 9

Comfy Sits Pack (Sari-Sari)

Decor (The Hive Store)


Line Me Up

Line Me Up

Wake Up Hair (Lamb)@Arcade Gacha

Baby Base Hair Base (Gaja)@IDK Event

Steking Ears (Mandala)

Sunglasses PU2003 (Glamistry)

Pin Earrings (Luxe)@N21

Lipstick/Lips (The Shops)

Vintage Fringe Bad (Le Primitif)@Kustom 9

Iphone 6-Drake Tear *Rare* (Urbano)

Clutch Eyeliner Pouch (Reign)@Saturday Sale Event

Thelma Wook Cardigan w/Turtleneck (Addams)@Uber

Vanda Pants (Kitja)@Uber

Hollywood Stilettos (Shey)

Rih Pose Pack (Pose Maniacs)


Feelin Myself

Feelin Myself

Hexxed (Little bones)@Collabor88

Gold Septum Nose Ring *Rare* (Yummy)@Arcade Gacha

Yezzy Iphone 6 *Rare* (Urbano)

Simple Pleasure Almond Nails (Gorgeous Dolls)

Take Me There Double Jumpsuit (Project Reject)@Lyfe of Style

Arabella Boots (Candydoll)@Collabor88

Occult Jacket (Ison)@Collabor88

Frang Bag (David Heather)

Wild Pose Pack, Profile Photo Pose Pack and Purse Pose Pack (Glitterati)


Business As Usual

We finally got it together to blog the new structure by Tony currently at The Showroom and the sexy new lingerie from Erratic currently at Collabor88.  We also wanted to feature the motorcycle from sau motos currently at The Mens Department.  I’ve been having a lot of fun riding around starting trouble .  The motorcycle is very easy to maneuver which is important since im not the best second life driver lol and it comes with numerous options. Go grab these items before the new rounds start.

Business As Usual

Check out what Rhian Camilla Blaze is wearing here

Heist Garage Wall (Tony)@The Showroom
Chitu II Lite Motorcycle (Sau)@The Mens Department
Money Suitcase *Rare* (David Heather)
Leather Gloves (Sorgo)
Slient 11.43 *Rare* (Sorgo)

Tyrisha Neox

Gladys Hair (Bold & Beauty)
Diamond Royal Jewerly Set (Urbano)@Men’s Only
Delice Lingerie Suspender + Thong (Erratic)@Collabor88
Delice Lingerie Bra (Erratic)@Collabor88
Zoey Zipped Heels (Co57)
Jizz Pose Pack (Pose Maniacs)
Handy Ca$h (Meldy)